Team Catfish Sinker Slidez Size 6

Team Catfish Sinker Slidez Size 6
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Product Description

sneekATTACK #6 Sinker Slidez are the handiest little catfishing gizmos you can find anywhere. Imagine being able to change sinker sizes or take the sinkers off your poles whenever you want to without cutting your line! We have the solution and its a real time saver. It'd be the one and only sneekATTACK sinker slide. These great products also allow you to fish a slip sinker rig with a super slick slide that your line travels through. Guess What? Mr. Whiskers will never feel your line traveling through the slide untill you whack him in the jaw. These are a must have for all catfish anglers. A favorite product of Team Catfish.

Our sneekATTACK sinker slides come with a #6 snap hook that will allow you to fish a 1/2oz to a 16oz sinker. Pretty Cool HUH!