Sonny's Super Sticky Channel Cat Bait 15 oz tub

Sonny's Super Sticky Channel Cat Bait  15 oz tub
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Product Description

For more years than we can remember, Sonny's Catfish Super Sticky has been our best selling catfish bait. We were sceptical at first, but after customers kept returning for more, we became believers. The traditional 15-ounce jar is what many anglers start with and then they graduate to the 45-ounce pail.

A true dip bait, not a sponge bait, Sonny's Super Sticky dip bait has been catching catfish for years and continues to be our best selling dip bait. We ship it all over the country to catfish anglers that have heard about it and can't find it locally. It's available in the original formula as well as blooded. Many customers tell us the original works best some days and other days they have better results on the blooded. Be sure to order some plastic worms to use with this bait.